Integrated Medicine with Crystal Light Beds

Our transitional world is a call to increased integrated medicine, on all levels.

Our StellarWaves 3.0 Crystal Light Beds are a great opportunity to enhance your healing if you practice acupuncture, Esogetic Colorpuncture, Reiki, or any other energy healing.

During a one-hour crystal healing session, clients lie on a heated amethyst crystal bed that emits far infrared wavelengths and negative ions to help remove toxins, relieve pain and stress, and augment immune systems.

The Crystal Light bed provides deeply calming and profound treatment.

You can add a 50 minute session to the end of your acupuncture treatment, or you can work with it at the same time.

It is especially useful for people who have experienced shock, trauma, or any long stressful period or sequence of events — basically anyone who feels like they need to calm down at the deepest level and let their nervous systems unwind like never before.

Our device, which uses quartz crystals and PureWave® LED light to promote balance and healing, consists of a stand with seven extendable arms that are positioned over a massage table. On the end of each of the seven arms is a quartz crystal that has been cut to a specific frequency using a special technique developed by the late Marcel Vogel. The individual receiving the session rests, fully clothed and face up with eyes closed, on the massage table below the Crystal Lights, and the seven crystals are aligned with his/her seven chakras. Above each of the crystals there is a small PUREWAVE® LED Light. Each LED filter is a different color, corresponding to the color of one of the chakras.

In this way, our Crystal Bed combines the power of Color Therapy and Crystal Healing Therapy. As colored light shines through the crystals, each chakra is cleansed, energized and brought into balance with all of the other chakras. This allows deeper, more subtle energies to be brought into balance, helping to recharge the body’s energy, strengthen the immune system and ease stress.

Other benefits include:

– Balancing the electromagnetic field
– Activating the body’s own self-healing mechanism
– Rejuvenating the physical body
– Stimulating a deeper sense of spiritual awareness and harmony

It is also always advisable for each individual to rest after a Crystal Canopy Healing session and to drink plenty of water beforehand and throughout the rest of the day to help rid the body of any toxins released during the session.

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