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Best Vibrational healing tool. It amazes me how fast my clients recharge and recover! I love my Stellarwaves Crystal Light Theraoy 5.0! Thank you guys! @energyhealingspace


Absolutely LOVIN and LIVIN MY Purpose! @Bevserenityspace , NJ


Good afternoon,
I finally have my 4.0 set up and ready to go. Best purchase EVER! 😊
@pamelarenee Escondido, CA

I love love my  stellarwaves wands they keeps me focus, committed and healthy ..I use them every day …..to life to my cells @Mary Ascension Saulnier


Mia had a grand old time balancing out her chakras and harmonizing her energies. She really loved it and said, “It was so relaxing!” 😉 @the divine medium


🙌🙌🙌 best investment I made for my business!!! Wonderful healing tool! 🙂 Ashley Laskey


 I have the stellarwaves crystal light bed 2.0.
My clients really felt the difference.
I felt the difference when I was first unpacking it. The Vogel crystal are amazing. I had to make it mobile and the system has been strong and through it all. No brakes or glitches!! Wayne Spink
____________________________________________________________One of my best investments ever!!
Lantern Light Works.


My business soared since I starting using Stellarwaves 3.0 on my clients! Feeling grateful! xox0 . Michelle . NY

Thank you guys for the amazing customer service and the product! The best investment I made in my life!!

Carolina, Mexico

I felt completely at peace and my stress level went away in the first session! Loved it!
Joanna N, U.S Army Veteran
Gilbert, AZ

Since I started doing these Healing  Sessions with the Crystal Light bed therapy my insomnia went away and I feel happier.
Bill M.  Video editor.
Tempe, AZ

It felt like I just woke up from an extremely deep sleep.
Katie. Medic/Air Force Reserves.  Glendale, AZ

I did one session and I feel that all senses are firing, I feel awake like I have traveled a long journey. I feel lighter. My lower back pain was reduced.
Stephanie S. Mental Health Counselor
San Diego, CA

Mi profesión es productora de noticias de Univisión  y mi trabajo además de largas horas es bastante estresante por lo que además de problemas de salud padezco de insomnio.
Sin embargo después de 2 sesiones de la cama cristal light bed he podido dormir mejor.
La sensación de la música con el aroma además me ha tranquilizado un poco y puedo llevar mi trabajo con mayor eficacia porque después de la sesión me siento mas alerta y con mayor disposición ( supongo que por haberme quedado profundamente dormida y relajada durante la sesión.
Otro detalle curioso que he notado después de utilizar la cama de cristal es que desaparece la tensión que casi siempre siento en el hombro y el cuello pero lo mejor de todo es que soy más creativa en mi trabajo porque además despierto con una sensación de alegría que me acompaña durante el día.
Mariela Gomez de Ell
Productora de noticias 10pm
Univision Arizona

I had the extraordinary opportunity to be one of the first clients to try the Stellarwaves crystal healing machine! I admit that I was unsure of what to expect and if I would truly benefit from the experience. Stressed from life, work and severe TMJ, I immediately relaxed and stayed in a calm state for the duration of the treatment. Afterwards, my body was physically drained and I needed rest, as my body needed much healing. After two more treatments, I began to feel energized with minimal pain and aligned in my life. I’m a happier person today! I also received several compliments on my skin and how it glowed and the acne/dermatitis that I suffered from for years was diminishing. I continue treatment and I highly recommend this incredible gift of healing! The experience is one of pure enlightenment.

Thank you, for sharing this amazing healing machine!
Nicole N. Fountain Hills, AZ

We both slept so awesome. Katie said she passed out and slept all night. I stayed up a bit wired for and hour or so then only woke once during the night (I usually wake at least five times) felt refreshed the next day!!!
K and S. U.S.A Army Veterans.

I loved the combination of utilizing all the senses in one session. The LED Lights,  FIR heat, Aromatherapy and Brain-sync music frequencies made me feel like being inside the womb or in an UFO!. Thank you so much for developing this tool.
R.M Musician.

Hello! The treatment was awesome! I had some restful sleep. I actually overslept. My body feels good. THANK YOU!! T.G U.S Army Retired

Dear Stellarwaves!
My customers are loving the crystal light bed. It is the vibrational healing tool that I was needing at my practice to help my clients heal on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas of their body. The combination of the crystal light bed using clear quartz crystals, aromatherapy, light and color frequencies is an incredibly healing tool and promotes wellness on many levels!
Thank you so much.
Danielle, Spa Owner and therapist. Scottsdale, AZ

Hola! Hace mas de diez años que recibo sesiones de Reiki y cuando me hablaron de esta maquina, no pense que me iba a ayudar. Es mas, venia con mucho estres y dolor en el cuerpo. Mi sesion duro una hora y cuando termino senti una sensacion bien diferente a todas las sesiones de sanacion con energia que recibi en el pasado. Me siento a gusto y bien diferente. Pude trabajar con emociones que tenia estancadas y pude ver bloqueos mentales que antes no podia ver. Senti que todos mis sentidos estaban vivos.  Estoy bien relajada.

Gracias, Diana!!
Graciela P.
Phoenix,Arizona. Maestra de Reiki

Highly Recommend! Was a life changer for myself and my son (with ADHD). Such an amazing experience to be able to feel cleared of the constant tugs I felt we were constantly struggling through! If you have any physical, emotional, psychological hurdles I’d highly suggest checking this Therapy out!!
Jilian. D. Mesa, AZ

Mi nombre es Carolina Juárez Estrada. Soy Terapeuta Floral con Aromaterapia, también doy clases del desarrollo humano. Gracias a Diana por la terapia que me dio, empecé a sentir un profundo agradecimiento de todos mis órganos, me sentí tan bien que está  terapia la recomiendo sin ninguna duda..
Phoenix, AZ

Thank you so much for the short treatment this afternoon. The remainder of my day has been great and I have had plenty of energy since I left your table, where before I got on your table I was very tired and lacked energy. “Loved it. Thank you for your service and conversation. Amazing! Joi-Ashli,HH


It’s Here!!..
My Master Wand..And the energy is out of this world!!..Sooo much love and gratitude to U all..
Beverly S. Nj


One of the best investment that I made for myself! Kim H. Superior Solutions

so, after working for few days this is my feedback:
the Stellarwaves is awesome! I got AMAZING feedback’s from my patients. The feeling I have is that I own this amazing spaceship,
it has the capability to cross the galaxy very easily. Doron, Tel Aviv, Israel

Hello! Another amazing healing session on my clients. I love being able to share space with her and make her feel the 100% version of herself. Alexis. California

My performance improved 70% after ten sessions with Stellarwaves 3.0

Brian. NFL

My fibromylgia went away when I started using Stellarwaves Crystal Light Therapy 3.0 on myself in between sessions with my clients!! Yay! Blessings! Natalie, Australia

My experience with Stellarwaves is out of this world! My clients seem happier and more relaxed and I am booked for a month in advance! Thank you guys! Cannot wait to get the 4.0! Margarita, FL