Binaural Beats and How They Affect Your Brain

Binaural beats were originally discovered in 1839 by physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. He discovered when signals of two different frequencies are presented separately, one to each ear, your brain detects the phase variation between the frequencies and tries to reconcile that difference.

In doing so, as the two frequencies mesh in and out of phase, your brain creates its own third signal — called a binaural beat — which is equal to the difference between those two frequencies.

For example, if a frequency of 100 Hz is presented to your left ear, and a frequency of 105 Hz is presented to your right ear, your brain “hears” a third frequency pulsing at 5 Hz, the exact difference between the two frequencies.

Research has proven that introducing a binaural beat will cause the brain to begin resonating in tune with that beat. By creating a binaural beat at 10 Hz — an alpha frequency — you can trigger your brain to resonate at that same 10 Hz frequency, automatically inducing brain activity in the Alpha range. This same technique can be used to quickly and easily guide your mind into any state.

When your brain begins to resonate with the binaural beat, or “follow” the beat, this effect is called the Frequency Following Response. This phenomenon was thoroughly researched and tested in 1973 by biophysicist Gerald Oster at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. His research on binaural beats and the Frequency Following Response was published in Scientific American and paved the way for further development in the area of auditory stimulation to enhance brain functioning.

Since that time, binaural beat technology has been endorsed by scores of doctors and scientists around the world.

As you may know, entraining your brain waves can be a highly effective method for personal growth. Different brain wave states will produce different results for you.

What are the benefits of modifying our brain waves?

In general, we are accustomed to being in the beta brain wave rhythm. We are in a beta brain wave pattern when we are consciously alert. It is the default and dominant brain wave for most of us, most of the time. We are in beta when we feel agitated, tense, hurried, pressured, afraid and stressed. The frequencies range from 13 to 60 pulses per second in the Hertz scale.

When we alter our brain rhythm to alpha, we are slowing our brain waves down. The benefit of this is that we put ourselves in the ideal brain wave state for optimal performance and super learning.

We become better at analysing complex situations, learning new information, memorising data, and performing elaborate tasks,

Some forms of meditation, relaxation exercises, and activities that enable a sense of calm, also naturally create this alpha state.

We made cutting-edge neuroscience convenient for daily usage.

Our StellarWaves 2.0 and 3.0 crystal beds come with a tablet with 7 preset frequencies to help align the right brain and left brain hemispheres.

Deep Sleep

Sleep is the most luxury treatment for your body and mind. Deep, rejuvenating sleep is crucial for your health, and the only way for the brain to detoxify is through sleep. Important hormones such as melatonin and human growth hormone (HGH) are produced during your sleep cycle. This improves your mental, emotional and physical state and boosts your immune system.

Sleep Mood induces a predominance of the delta brain wave, by which you’ll fall asleep easily and wake up fresh and full of energy.


  • Dreamless sleep, HGH and melatonin released. Deep, trance-like, nonphysical state, loss of body awareness.
  • Access to unconscious and “collective unconscious” mind, creates “push” to the brain.

Immune System Health

Relaxing after a hard day is sometimes difficult and at the same time vital for your health. Daily accumulated stress wears you down mentally and emotionally, and saps the joy from life. Deep relaxation practice gives you mental clarity, focus and calm. Anti-stress mode induces theta and alpha brain waves that calm you down and help you release stress from your shoulders helping you to achieve emotional, physical and mental well-being. This is a guided meditation to help you cope with immune system issues.


StellarWaves 2.0 Awareness super-learning mode induces an alpha state in which the mind is awakened, yet relaxed, ready to learn while retaining much more without constant revision.


Learn faster and reach your bold academic goals. Learning rewires your brain and yet it is hard to fall into a deep learning mood, process or memorize information while performing at your best when you need to.

Focus and Concentration

Concentrate when you need to and keep your mind sharp!

Working more is simply not the formula for success. Doing more in less time, delivering on high standards, the ability for problem solving and decision making situations is crucial for your career, school and life success.

With StellarWaves 2.0 you’ll train your brain wave activity so you can stay focused in the most chaotic situations.


Improve your meditation practice and achieve a state of mindfulness. Regular meditation practice will improve your life dramatically. It’ll bring you inner peace and clarity, help you to control your thoughts, behavior, emotions and it will re-frame your subconscious patterns. With these frequency you will learn to go easily into meditation stage. Ascension frequency induces theta brain waves, which enable you to control your mental processes and optimally balance all your cognitive functions.

THETA (7.9-4 Hz)

  • Increased creativity, vital for memory, emotional experiences, potential change in behavior. Deep meditation, and access to the unconscious mind.


Alignment super-learning mode induces an alpha state in which the mind is awakened, yet relaxed, ready to learn while retaining much more without constant revision.

Relaxation, super-learning, relaxed focus, light trance, increased serotonin production.

How does it work?

We developed the solution for a stressful lifestyle.

Remember when you had an exam the next day, but you just couldn’t focus on studying? Or when you went to sleep so tired but you couldn’t fall asleep? Or when you last felt under too much pressure to concentrate and get any work done? It is like you could not take control of yourself.

Now imagine you can rewire your brain to connect a situation to the mental state that best suits it, which you yourself choose.

We believe that a deep understanding of neuroscience is the doorway to products that improve life spiritually, mentally, and physically. StellarWaves crystal beds are one such product that helps do this in myriad ways.

Our functionality and state of mind depend on human emotions, such as anger, happiness, fear, love, sadness and depression.

Our brain waves and our bodies run at different speeds, depending on what we are doing: while we sleep, the frequency is low, as it is when we are relaxed. When concentrating, or when prepping for study or creative thinking, this frequency is higher. Problems arise when, because of upper impact interference, your brain wave frequency is not aligned with what you are trying to do or achieve. We have all experienced how fear and stress inhibit you from thinking clearly and concentrating.

With StellarWaves crystal beds and the vibrational healing they employ, you are able rewire your mind and body, to connect a situation to the mental state that best suits it, by choosing your preferred state of mind yourself.

StellarWaves 2.0 and 3.0 tablets’ preset frequency music helps to:

  • Calm you down and soothe you into a deep sleep.
  • Learn and concentrate, while feeling stressed.
  • Improve the quality of your sleep.
  • Stay awake when feeling tired.
  • Relax after a hard day.

StellarWaves 2.0 and 3.0 crystal beds use a frequency music therapy that draws upon the medical knowledge of brain wave frequencies. It employs that knowledge, working out the frequencies at which our brain works in different states of mind and encouraging them to function at those exact frequencies. This can be accomplished whether or not the brain wave frequency be aligned with what we are trying to achieve. It is a scientific fact that, in sleep and deep relaxation, our brains function from 1 to 5 Hz (beats) per second, while at high concentration they spike up to 30 Hz per second.

Brain waves are measured in cycles per second (Hz). The lower the number of Hz, the slower the brain wave activity, and vice versa.

This StellarWaves technology produces frequencies of up to 19 Hz, and has a soothing effect on the mind and body.

External stimuli from the PureWave LED Light technology and chakra alignment are converted into electromagnetic impulses that are “read” by the body.

The brain reacts to every color, voice, sound, and touch. In fact, each of these external stimuli leads to a sense of rippling in the brain.

In the past, people used an extremely low frequency to achieve altered states of consciousness. Meditation along with the rhythmic sound of drums, gong therapy, and steady flashing lights all transport you into a state of thoughtfulness and transcendence. Even the sound of rolling wheels when riding a train can put us to sleep! Whether it’s different types of music or a ticking clock, every rhythm has its effects on us; brain wave activity always adapts to the external frequency. We are now able to call on a little help from StellarWaves Crystal beds 2.0 with frequency music therapy. When the brain is presented with a rhythmic stimulus, such as a drum beat, for example, the rhythm is reproduced in the brain in the form of these electrical impulses. If the rhythm becomes fast and consistent enough, it can start to resemble the natural internal rhythms of the brain, called brain waves. When this happens, the brain responds by synchronizing its own electric cycles to the same rhythm.

Is StellarWaves frequency music therapy hard to use?

It is similar to music—you might even consider it a sort of music that you cannot hear.
We use energy from the tablet, with the same power that goes to headphones when you listen to music.
So, if you feel comfortable and safe using headphones, you’ll have no problems using StellarWaves 2.0!