Frequency Control: The Sound of Light

Capture the healing power of both light and sound using the StellarWaves 2019 ColorWave Light Bar with Frequency Control.

Tap the Frequency Number in the CrystalLight App and edit the value.

The healing power of frequencies can be projected with modulated waves of light radiating from the crystal points.

Select any frequency from 1Hz to 25,500Hz. You can even tune into a Solfeggio Frequency to balance your chakras.

  • 1st – 396 Hz – Clearing Guilt and Fear
  • 2nd – 417 Hz – Removing Obstacles and Making Change
  • 3rd – 528 Hz – Transformation and Cellular Repair
  • 4th – 639 Hz – Making New Connections and Relationships
  • 5th – 741 Hz – Finding Solutions and Enhancing Intuition
  • 6th – 852 Hz – Embracing Spiritual Order
  • 7th – 963 Hz – Awaken the Divine State