Finding Peace in Chaos


“Every day brings a choice: to practice stress or to practice peace.” ~Joan Borysenko

We all know what it’s like – those feelings of overwhelm, confusion, chaos or defeat. It’s like the world is out to get you – and you’d just like to crawl in a hole somewhere. “Leave me alone!” you sigh. “Can’t I just have some peace?”

The reasons don’t matter – job, family, some life crisis, or financial issue. Perhaps it’s not enough time to do the things you ‘think’ you should do. Maybe it’s a relationship issue. Or a divorce, illness or death. Whatever it is, the ‘stuff’ tries to overwhelm your attention and drain your energy.

No matter what has you in turmoil, however, there are ways to cope, changes you can make to find your sense of peace.

Re-center. Finding and maintaining your peace is more about you than your circumstances. Have you sacrificed your quiet time, time for prayer and reflection, time in the sunshine for a too-packed schedule? Are you so busy planning and worrying about tomorrow that you’ve forgotten the goodness in your today? Take time to breathe, slow down and re-center. Ask yourself, “What matters most?”

Relax. If you’re not taking enough time each day to relax, unwind and get a good night’s sleep, stress will take its toll, mentally and physically. Most illnesses are stress-induced. Instead of stewing about the problems, play with the dog. Take a walk outside. Read, dance, or listen to your favorite tunes. Plan a mini-vacation at least once a quarter. Have something to look forward to!

Create a place of peace and relaxation in your home. Paint the walls a calm color. Redecorate the space with a few favorite things and a candle or two. When you need a ‘time out’, you’ll have a peaceful place to go and unwind. I have my own space in a converted bedroom, and another outside on the deck. When someone is looking for me – that’s where I’ll be, tunes playing and a book close by.

Restore. Some things we always make time for – three meals a day, for instance. No matter what, we stop what we’re doing to appease our tummies! Well, your spirit and mind need refreshment also.

The reason  we love our StellarWaves™ PureWave® Crystal Light Therapy beds is because you can find find peace, restore your health and start feeling better by aligning yourself with your inner and outer light, aligning your right and left brain hemispheres with our music app…

Peace will always win if you let it. Hang onto your peace and don’t let go.

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